United against the millionaires- no return to the 1990s

John Key's National Government is sticking the boot in. Real wages drop. Unemployment rises. Health and education standards drop. There is money for tax cuts for the rich, for holiday highways, for party central (WTF?), for SAS murderers in Afghanistan but no money for Auckland's rail, for RadioNZ, for solo-mums bringing up kids, for public sector workers to get wage rises.

The biggest economic crisis since the 1930s. Banks collapse and they get bailed out. Companies ship factories to third world countries, skilled workers leave for Oz, farms get bought up by rich corporations here and abroad, slave labour conditions for workers on our vineyards and on fishing vessels, the prisons fill day by day with angry youth.

Meanwhile as Christchurch tries to recover the government lets a natural catastrophe become a social disaster. We put GST up by 2.5% but where's the money for jobs, for warm homes, for safe infrastructure?

The environment is hurting. Our rivers are toxic, our soil poisoned, the climate's changing rapidly and the mining and petroleum corporations circle like vultures over our Tangaroa and Papatuanuku.

Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand. Sometimes you have to say no more. No more attacks on unions and workers rights. No more beneficiary bashing.

Not in our country should another child go hungry. Wages cannot be allowed to drop. Our electricity companies are not for sale. No more troops for wars of empire and torture. Bring the troops home to rebuild Christchurch. No more confiscation of Maori land. No more bailouts of finance companies. No more tax cuts for the rich. No more letting Fonterra pollute our rivers.

Youth rates is the thin end of the wedge. Key might back down on this or that but the game is up. We have to bring down this Government before it gets worse. We need a Greece style uprising.

What Parliament does, the streets can undo. We need to turn the meek opposition to Key and his cronies into full blown resistance in the streets. In the early 1990s every day saw new fightbacks against the neo-liberal assault and the new right. Student occupations, hospital strikes, rent boycotts, community campaigns. For nine long years hundreds, thousands of people raged against the National Party and their neo-liberal policies. Eventually they brought down the Government.

The situation today is more dire than the 1990s. Aotearoa is at a crossroads. Either we allow the rich and the greedy to continue their failed policies or we take the power back.

Ka whawhai tonu matou! Ake! Ake! Ake!

On Saturday join the fightback to the National-Act Government.

March on the Millionaire's Mansion! Saturday 25 June http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=220283764673131


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