Len Brown is a scab

He called himself the Mayor for all of Auckland but when it came to the crunch this morning the workers of Auckland discovered that Len Brown is a scab.

Mayor gives striking port union the message: "Auckland Mayor Len Brown has issued an ultimatum to the Maritime Union in the bitter industrial dispute on the city's wharves, saying there must be more flexibility in work practices to make the port more productive and profitable for the council."

By supporting the attacks on wharfies wages and conditions Len Brown has chosen to support the 1% against the 99% in a dispute that as Matt McCarten pointed out is as much about privatisation as it is about workers' rights.

Sign the open letter here: WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? An Open Letter to Len Brown

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? -- An Open Letter to Len Brown

Dear Len,
When you were elected the first Mayor of Auckland Supercity, you promised to be on the side of workers, the poor and the social movements fighting for a fairer New Zealand. But there are now serious conflicts occurring in the City which beggars the question- whose side are you on?
(1) The Lockout of MUNZ workers at the Council Controlled Ports of Auckland
(2) The eviction of over 150 State Housing tenants and their families in Glen Innes
(3) The proposed eviction of Occupy Auckland from Aotea Square, representing the movement against the the elite 1% who control the wealth created by the 99% who work.

Any left winger worth their salt would support the MUNZ workers on their picket line, fighting for a living wage. Any left winger worth their salt would stand with the families of GI, many of whom are Pasifika and Maori, who you claim to have a special love for. And any left winger worth their salt would stand up to those undemocratic, corporate forces who have turned New Zealand into one of the most unequal societies in the world, according to last week’s OECD report.

Whose side are you on, Len? And do you really run this city, or is it run by the likes of your corporate CEO, union buster Doug McKay?

We, the people of Auckland listed below, call on you to support our workers, tenants, students and citizens, who are fighting for their jobs, homes and democratic rights.

Signed by over 40 peoples so far including stevedores, nurses, students, lecturers, social workers and accountants.


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