Defend Glen Innes- ROCK THE HOUSE

The youth of GI- defending State Housing
the People's House, 25 Silverton Avenue, GI.

17 year old Scott Hita occupying his Aunt's House of 20 years, with SA's George Mitchell

GI don't stop till we get the PoPo off the Block!

The residents of Glen Innes and their supporters have had enough. In opposition to the evictions of Housing New Zealand, the People's House of 25 Silverton Avenue has been occupied. One of the protestors, 17 year old Scott Hita, has occupied the house that his Aunt lived in for 20 years before she was moved on.

The police have already been round in force, but there is tension in the air. Mass arrests and evictions will ignite this working class suburb of Auckland, and the ruling class is nervous about going in heavy.

So this Monday, hip hop artists, musicians, poets and social justice campaigners are rallying at the People's House to demand an end to the evictions, and the right of working class New Zealanders to live in the suburb that they have always lived in.

from 6pm onwards
Monday 20th February
25 Silverton Avenue,
Glen Innes, Auckland.

Bring your guitars and drums and kids and friends. Bring a plate. Bring your flags. Bring it on.


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