Revolution! Socialist Aotearoa conference starts Friday

Our 2012 conference begins this Friday and continues over the weekend. We look forward to seeing you over the weekend at what we hope will be the premier conference of the radical left in Auckland this year.

It's a chance to critically assess the key international and national struggles of the last year - the Auckland ports dispute, the education cuts, the Arab Spring, the challenge to asset sales; to examine contemporary political issues - new struggles against oppression, tino rangatiratanga today, Latin America at the crossroads, social media and social movements; and to refresh our theory - Marxism, women's liberation and socialist environmentalism.

For new members and supporters this will be a fantastic introduction to the politics of Socialist Aotearoa. We look forward to seeing you this weekend. If you have questions about the weekend get in touch with us.


Socialist Aotearoa's 2012 conference - Revolution! - Friday 31 August and Saturday 1 September
@ Auckland Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

With speakers including: Russel Mayn, Secretary of Maritime Union Local 13, Meredydd Barrar, Teacher and NZEI activist, Miriam Pieard, Aotearoa is Not for Sale, Steve Mustafa, Bahraini revolutionary, Jayson Gardiner, Mana Party candidate in Tauranga and NZ hip hop producer, Nicola Owen, anti-cuts activist, Mike Treen, Unite Union, Billy Hania, Palestinian activist, Paul Brown, socialist folk musician, Mohammed Hassan, Egyptian activist, Linda Miller, Occupy Auckland activist and many more.


Friday night: Auckland's Movement of Movements
7pm - 8.30pm Friday 31 August in the Downstairs Room
Join us Friday evening as we begin with speakers from the movements of the Winter of Dissent as they discuss the state of the struggle against National's neo-liberalism. Miriam Pierard from Aotearoa is Not for Sale, Jimmy O'Dea from Glen Innes, Jai Bentley Paine and Stacey Henderson from student movement, Joe Carolan from Socialist Aotearoa.

Saturday 1 September: Conference day
Downstairs Room
9am-10am: Registration and welcome
10-11am: Return of Marxism: Crisis Theory and the Communist Manifesto
11.15-12.45pm: Struggles Against Oppression: Disability, Women's liberation, Tino rangatiratanga
12.45-1.45pm: LUNCH
1.45-2.45pm Union struggles: MUNZ, Charter schools, Unite, Socialists in unions.
3-4pm Revolutionary Socialism: Revolution vs. reform, The Marxist tradition after Marx.
4.15-5.45pm: 2013 - Priorities for the radical left in the coming period

Upstairs Room
11.15-12pm: Latin American revolutionary struggles
12-12.45pm: Media & Technology: Social media and social movements, capitalism and the media, alternative media
12.45-1.45pm: LUNCH
1.45-2.45pm: Arab Spring: Palestine, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria
3-4pm: Environment: Fracking/mining, Climate Change

5.45-7.30pm: DINNER
7.30-9pm: Music of the Revolution: folk, punk and hiphop.
9-11pm: Socialist Aotearoa social.

A creche will be provided as will lunch, coffee and snacks over Saturday. Registration for conference is $10.


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