13 in Court Today for Opposing Ethnic and Social Cleansing in Glen Innes

13 people have appeared in the Auckland District Court this morning,
following arrests at Glen Innes last Thursday evening. Included in those
arrested is Mana co-Vice President John Minto.

“The arrests are a disgrace and arise from aggressive police mishandling of
non-violent, passive resistance to the removal of state houses from Glen
Innes” says MANA Vice President John Minto.

“The police have become increasingly violent in their handling of these
protests but the Glen Innes community is not deterred”.

Protests will continue this coming Thursday at 7pm in Apirana Avenue, Glen
Innes. The protests are calling for a moratorium on the proposed Glen Innes
“redevelopment” so negotiations with the community can take place.

The court appearances come just two days before a march in Wellington which
will bring delegations from Glen Innes in Auckland, Maraenui in Napier and
Pomare in Lower Hutt to present a petition to MPs on the steps of parliament
at 1pm. The march leaves Civic Square at 12 noon.

The demands of the march are:

1. All Housing New Zealand “urban renewal” programmes in Glen Innes,
Maraenui, Pomare and other areas be halted so communities can discuss and
negotiate the “renewals” with Housing New Zealand.

2. All 90-day eviction notices for “urban renewal” programmes be
withdrawn pending the outcome of community negotiations with affected

3. The criteria for access to a HNZ home revert to the requirements prior
to July 2011.

4. Vacant state houses in all NZ communities be immediately let to
families in crisis.

5. The company to oversee housing redevelopment in Tamaki – the Tāmaki
Redevelopment Company – be disestablished immediately.

6. Reopen all Housing New Zealand offices around the country.

7. A major state-house building and renovation programme be started – aim
to build 20,000 new state houses within two years.


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