Direct Action gets the goods- How the Streets Were Reclaimed

"the last few months we've been feeling like we are in a low level war- workers under attack, state housing tenants evicted, and everywhere the police clamping down on protest. Despite Malcolm's brutal arrest at the beginning, today's Reclaim the Streets was a great victory. The Cops realised that this would be bigger than Symonds Street- that they would have to arrest dozens of protesters. They retreated, in broad daylight. This should be a turning point and marks the beginning of the Summer of Rebellion. Direct action gets the goods- Lets bring down this Tory Government."
SA's Joe Carolan speaks about reclaim the Streets on Bfm HERE

" Aotearoa is Not for Sale - Cops have declared reclaim the Streets party against privatisation illegal. Threatening mass arrests at 2pm"

Crack down on the Kids Zone

Pressure points applied on the first brave woman to take direct action and sit down.

 "They were dressed in uniforms of brutality".

 "Well done Aotearoa is not for sale. Today must surely be the catalyst for the much needed shift in thought for all those who thought that we were powerless to make a difference"- Lisa Gibson, GI resident.

  First arrest 240pm corner of K Road and Queen St

 The Battle of K Road has been won. Cops are retreating and the road has been reclaimed.

A call to action from Socialist Aotearoa at the end of a great day.


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