"Like GI in the Sunshine"- Police Thuggery at #D8 #TPPA protests.

‎"Like GI in the sunshine" - how one older tenant described the Police thuggery today at #D8 #ANFS #TPPA protests

Police attack protesters after the demonstration against the TPPA. 

Protesters were boisterous and  passionate about the TPPA Corporate takeover of Aotearoa. 

After the Conference declined to accept the Petition against the TPPA, people demand to be let in to observe just what is being negotiated in secret behind Skycity's  closed doors.

Police and Private Security begin to push and punch protesters at the front.  One woman is punched in the face by a security guard, and police look on.

Masked revolutionary V and Grumpy Cat make their feeling heard.

Prime Minister John Key told the people of NZ to ignore the protests.  Tonight, they are lead item on all news channels.  Thousands are now asking why the TPPA is being held in secret, and why people are so passionate about shutting it down.  John Key, Epic Fail.

JOHN MINTO from the Mana Movement has issued a 
statement about the Police Thuggery

Policing of TPP protest was provocative and plain stupid

The policing of the TPP protest in Auckland this afternoon was provocative and plain stupid.

As the protest gathering was preparing to leave Skycity the most senior police officer intervened to stop a symbolic act of burning a number of cardboard petition boxes.

With tensions running high after the refusal of TPP organisers to accept the 750,000 international petition against the negotiations the police action added insult to injury. 

It was unnecessary, highly provocative and it was inevitable a scuffle would break out with several people injured. 

To make matters worse this same officer repeated the stupidity with the very provocative arrest of a young woman in Aotea Square a short time later.

Another scrum was inevitable with further injuries. 

Police diplomacy, restraint and awareness were absent today and resulted in at least 100 people lining up to abuse the 20 or so police as they left Aotea Square.

Today’s policing was way up there among the most stupid and provocative we’ve seen in 35 years of being part of various protests.

I’ve never seen one police officer cause so much unnecessary trouble for themselves as well as the protest group. The police in the protest deserved much better leadership today.

need some propaganda? 3News version of events HERE


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