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Standing on the right side of history

New Zealand has a long, proud record of standing on the right side of history. Sending the navy to protest nuclear testing in the pacific, being the first country to give women the vote, taking a stand against nuclear energy, and helping end South African apartheid. There is a deep moral fibre of what's right and wrong that runs through New Zealand society, which in the past has been reflected by the government of the day. That day is not today. In Gaza, a vicious assault is occurring on the Palestinian people. Blood is running in the streets, neighbourhoods are being destroyed, children targeted, and family's ripped apart. The aggressors, the IDF on behalf of the Israeli Zionist state have been indiscriminately bombing Gaza and it's civilian population for years, and this is only the most recent occurrence. Israel has systematically been encroaching on Palestinian land for years, and what is left of Palestinian territory is only a fraction of what was once Palestin

Freedom for Palestine

  On Saturday the 19th of July up to 5000 New Zealanders took to the streets of Auckland. Their demands were nothing less than the end of Israeli violence against Palestine. Over the last two weeks the Israeli military has rained down bombs and missiles with impunity on the Palestinian people. No one has been spared, mothers, fathers, children, even whole families have been wiped out by Israeli ordinance. The disabled are not even given a reprieve, with those injured and maimed by blasts and shrapnel from previous Israeli bombing campaigns finally murdered as Israel finishes the job. Israel , as with previous bombing campaigns, accuses Palestinian civilians of being sheep who are herded into the war zone by Hamas terrorists. But this is merely an attempt to muddle the facts and excuse murder as collateral damage. This so called "war zone" is where Palestinian neighbourhoods and homes are located, crushed within an ever shrinking border as Israel illegally seizes te

Solidarity for Palestine

We stand in solidarity with our Palestinian sisters and brothers being murdered by Israel. It is unconscionable to stand by and say nothing as Gaza is bombed into the stone age, its people displaced and children slaughtered. When doctors are forced to evacuate hospitals full of sick patients because of Israeli bombs, it shows how inhumane the Israeli assault is, and how indiscriminate their targeting of civilians are. Dr Basman Alashi, executive director of Al-Wafa rehab and geriatric hospital in eastern Gaza City described the assault on the electronic intafada;        “It started just before nine, they started it and it continued every other minute, firing at the           hospital. They started on the fourth floor, continued to the third, then from the back of the hospital, then to the side, then to the front, then they cut the electricity, we have fuel everywhere. I don’t know the extent of the damage but it reached a point where my nurses were unable to function, unable

We shall not be moved.

VICTORY! Ioela Rauti known by her friends as Niki, is a member of the Tamaki Housing Group, which has been fighting the good fight for all Housing New Zealand (HNZ) tenants, who do not want to be moved out of their HNZ homes. Once the TRC (Tamaki Re-developement Company) set foot in Glen Innes, their mission was to transform this community into their vision without consultation from the very people living there. The community never agreed to this transformation. They do not want to be moved out of the homes that have housed them for many years. Niki, along with some support people met with HNZ staff who were only interested in giving Niki her 90 day eviction notice, and to get her to sign a new agreement document. She chose not to sign and made her intention quite clear to HNZ that; “SHE WILL NOT BE MOVED” . Niki's eviction notice had a date of 12 of August and on this day she would have to vacate her home of 21 years. TIME TO AMP UP THE ACTION