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Red in the Rainbow Warriors, Rally to stop deep sea oil drilling.


The Time has Come for Rent Control

By any measure, the housing market in Auckland is overheated.  Thousands of Kiwi first home buyers are being forced out by Speculators looking for a way to trade printed  money for physical assets.  New Zealanders are witnessing the effects of the quantitative easing “tsunami” washing up on our shores.  Some see this as an opportunity, a rising tide.  But all tides must eventually turn, and when this one does, the Working Class will watch helplessly as all prospects of ever enjoying housing security will be washed out to sea. Ordinary home owners have to work for their money, and they pay significantly more than the 0% interest rates offered to Wall Street insiders. New Zealand has one of the most open housing markets in the world.  Unlike Greece, Mexico, China and even Australia, where it is difficult for foreigners to buy houses without meeting stringent requirements, foreigners can buy New Zealand residential property over the phone, so long as they are prepared to do a little pap