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Workers Voice- System Change not Climate Change

Unite Union's Joe Carolan talks to Christine Rose and Jeremy Randerson about workers and the environment, and a New Left that demands System Change, not Climate Change. PLUS the Flag debate- down with the Butcher's Apron! Social ecologist campaigner Christine Rose Mana Movement Tamaki Makaurau Rohe chairperson Jeremy Randerson


The Waterfront industry has always had a begrudging acceptance of casuals or seagulls in the industry to fill the arms and legs shortfalls, but in recent times we are faced with employers who see this cancer as the norm and an opportunity to make a fast buck and not be hindered by organised labour. What is a casual; Legal definition, a casual employee is an employee who works when and if needed, with no expectation of continuing employment. In my view they are working-class people who don’t have much opportunity in the workplace because of a number of things. The perfect prey for the greedy employers who carry very limited contingent liability when it comes to the employment of casuals. These are normally people who think they see a glimmer of hope in terms of permanency but it rarely eventuates. This growth industry is huge. Let’s face facts.Casualisation is responsible for widespread substandard working conditions such as. No Superannuation, lowering wages,