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Real Climate Action

A group of approximately 150 protesters descended upon the Sky City casino and convention centre complex in central Auckland today, where a petroleum summit was being hosted by National MP, energy minister Simon Bridges. Bridges was meeting with dirty capitalist oil delegates to offer them blocks of pristine NZ ocean for dangerous, environment-destroying deep sea oil drilling. The protest, which was organised by Greenpeace, had groups of protesters blocking entrances to the Sky City complex from 7am. They successfully kept most of the oil delegates out for almost 2 hours - but not without a struggle. One group of protesters who went inside the complex were arrested, but no charges were laid. At one point while protestors sat blocking an entrance, they got walked on by oil delegates as they tried to enter the building. One Greenpeace organiser entered into a 20-minute public debate with an oil delegate whilst he was stuck waiting on the footpath as his entrance of choic

Solidarity with Students of India Uprising: Caste, Fascism and Socialism - Discussison by Socialist Aotearoa

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