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Class Wars... Teachers Strike Back.


Strike Wave Continues

On a cold and windy day primary school teachers and principals hold a day of strike all over New Zealand. It was one of the biggest marches on Auckland's Queen Street. Some say 7000, others say 10,000 teachers marched. Aotea Square was overflowing with people willing to stand up and fight back for their rights. Over whelming support for the teachers from a broad spectrum of New Zealandrs is a positive sign too. Recently we have seen the nurses, bus drivers, IRD staff and many private sector workers fight for their work rights. Something is in the air, people will have various labels for this something, I have my own. Amidst the workers of Aotearoa uniting and rising, someone tells me that Socialists must be driven out of trade unions. How bizarre!! Unions without a Socialist backbone are like a human being without oxygen. More importantly, how do you stop the kind of Socialism we have recently seen among striking workers of Aotearoa? Kua tae te waa Anu SA